Sunday, December 14, 2008

Kenna's First Bath

Linds has been asking me for over a week to post some pictures we took of her first bath. We promise not to make this blog entirely about Kenna and her firsts, but we did want to share this moment with everyone. I got her ready for her bath while Lindsey prepared everything.
Then Linds started washing her from tiny head to tiny toes. At first she hated it, but by the end she was doing great and even enjoying the warm water and washcloth.
So twenty minutes later we had a happy baby, happy daddy, and happy mommy. Most importantly, we had a clean baby. Not that I want these days to go away, because she's so sweet, but I am excited for the days when toys and puppet shows with washcloths come along. There are so many stories waiting to be made up between Kenna and I and can't wait for them to begin. For now, she's content to snuggle with her momma in a pink blanket and I'm content to take hundreds of pictures of each wonderful moment God blesses us with.

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