Friday, November 8, 2013

little lambie.

i grew up with a really talented mom in the sewing/generally crafty department. i mean REALLY talented.

so talented that i probably had a false sense that everybody's mom sewed their clothes & costumes from scratch & "just" brought their kids' ideas to life even though i had no idea how much work & expertise it would take to do so.

even though i have nowhere near her skill or repertoire of knowing how to do just about everything, i think i can understand how she felt now that i have my own daughter. so when my sweet girl found this little stuffed lamb at a yard sale for something like 25 cents, started carrying it around everywhere calling it "lambie," & asked me to make it a skirt, well... i had to oblige. (lambie is thanks to her current love of doc mcstuffins.)

all it took was a $3 roll of pink tulle that's been sitting in my craft stuff forever, a little scrap of elastic & some pink ribbon tied in a bow.

little lambie went to bed a yard sale toy & woke up a sweet pink character loved by a little girl, and mommy gets to be the hero. sounds pretty good to me!