Saturday, February 23, 2013

My Grown Up Girl.

Oh my Kenna bear.
I can't believe how fast you are growing up.
Sassy. Inquisitive. Bright. You never forget anything! You remember every word we say and take it very seriously anytime you feel like we are not keeping our word to you. You still wear your heart on your sleeve and can go from happy to complete breakdown so very quickly. So independent that I relish the times you still need my help or just want my snuggles.
The SWEETEST thing when you want to be.
You are so musical- always singing and making up little songs and you taught your brother to hum which is about the cutest thing ever. You alternate between singing songs you have heard in your T.V. shows and movies with little ones you make up as you go along- it is February and you're still singing Christmas carols. You love painting and often paint crosses- "Jesus dieds" which makes Mommy and Daddy so happy!

Dress up is your favorite game- complete with elaborate stories of what you are dressed as and what adventures you are going on. You are an accessories girl and love to wear a necklace or two to church (like Mommy). Your church shoes are your favorite and you much prefer dresses to shirts and jeans which you say give you "itchy spots."

Your favorite toys are My Little Ponies and your Barbie dolls which you call "dollies." They host elaborate picnics together and all their accessories must be arranged just so. You like to switch them all around from bag to basket to bucket to tote them all around the house- and to keep Finn from touching them.

You "turned into" 4 years old just after we moved to Eagle Springs, and your Daddy and I have been shocked at how much you grew. Four just seems so much bigger and smarter than three- you still love to paint, love to have books read to you and your special Buttercup stories with Daddy at bedtime. You just started sleeping in your bunk bed that we painted for you, and you just seem so big. You can brush your own teeth and buckle your own car seat and you're such a big helper. I can give you a task and you love to help!
You are brave and independent, but still love Mommy's snuggles and Daddy's attention. You have lots of stories to tell and questions to ask. You love on Finn and always want to help take care of him- washing him in the bath, singing bedtime songs to him, and kissing him goodnight. You do like to remind him that he's littler than you though- that he's not allowed on your bunk bed and that he can only color with the washable markers. You definitely want to be the little mommy of the house.
You're even learning to write your name and other short words (you wrote "Hi" on all your Valentines this year) and I can't believe it's almost time for you to start school! We love you so much, Kenna bear!

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Finn at Almost 2

Since I've been such a terrible Mommy about kiddo updates, I thought I'd get a few things written down about Finn at this age, quick before he turns 2! That doesn't even seem possible yet. Where did my little nugget baby man go? I just can't believe now HE is about to be the big brother. Crazy.
He's at the fun stage where he's been mostly non-verbal in his communication (more noises and gestures) but really truly understands the large majority of what we say to him and directions we give him- suddenly, new vocabulary is popping up all over the place.

cookie (he asks for them all day long)
that one!
nigh night
thank you (dee doo)
please (which sounds more like 'boise')

Even that list just makes me laugh because they're all such boy words. His first sentence: "Want that cracker!" Spoken clear as day and hilarious. Other simple sentences:

"Want that one!"
"I poop."
"'Mere Loola!" (calling the dog, and he tries to snap his fingers!)

Sometimes he will babble a whole paragraph, but one or two words will randomly be recognizable enough to get what he is saying!
His favorite way to wake up is happy growling. He's a good sleeper, super easy to put to bed- just a kiss, his stuffed puppy and a big hug and he's ready to go to bed. No rocking and singing for this manly little man.

Favorite games right now are pushing/pulling anything. Trucks with a ball in them, our wagon outside, the toy shopping cart and stroller, even an empty rolling suitcase. Balls, dogs, and food are his favorite things. He LOVES watching the trains go by right across the street from our new house. He'll come running as soon as he hears the train whistle coming and will sit on the couch to see it out the big living room window.

Like his sister at this age, he loves having a pacifier. We try to keep it only in the crib for sleeping times and sometimes the car on longer trips, but if we let him, he'll hang onto it all day. We have a special basket we keep them in to teach him that they are only for "night night" and he cries so hard when we take it away in the morning to put it in the basket (especially if it is Sister who does the taking away).

He still stomps around like a tiny gorilla and it's so fun to see the differences between him and Kenna- he runs fast and hard with little tiny fists pumping, she runs on her tip toes like a ballerina fairy. Her run is barely audible like a little ninja, and his stomps can be heard across the house. He growls and grunts while playing, she sings and plays picnic with her dolls.

He is the pickiest eater ever. We get really excited when he actually eats a decent amount of what we're eating- otherwise he'd live on milk, bananas, chicken nuggets, and cookies. He doesn't like chocolate milk so far (neitherdid Kenna at first) and seems to be bothered by the coldness of ice cream). Because he's so picky, most of his food ends up getting played with and makes for messy meals. This is why bath time is after  dinner and before bed!

Speaking of baths, he loves them and will pull open the shower curtain asking "baf?" at random times during the day. He loves to splash around with big sister and play with the water coming out of the faucet.
A big stinker, but quick to say sorry and give big kisses of apology. Quick to forgive. Learning to obey.

Still comes to us in need of kisses for his owies, fixing something that broke, or to wipe his boogies (which he will hand to us on a tiny extended finger). He is just ALL boy.

His kisses and snuggles are few and far between, making them even more precious to his Momma's heart. When we do get them, usually when he's extra tired, they are extra sweet.

This little big man is a sweet and mischievous mess in every sense of the words. He just might have the sweetest baby cheeks on earth and we love him so much!

Monday, February 18, 2013

Real Snow Day!

I wrote a few weeks back about a "snow day" we had where snow was predicted but all we got was barely the slightest dusting on the cars... well, when we were least expecting it this weekend, we got a real snow day! I say least expecting because we were literally outside playing the day before in 60 something degree weather and the kids were in tshirts:

The next morning, Kenna burst into our room. "Mommy and Daddy! It's winter! There's snow!" And she was right- the biggest, most beautiful fat snowflakes I've seen in a long time were falling!
This is Mommy's preferred view of the snow- especially at 8 months pregnant! Even if I wanted to go out in the cold, I'm not sure I could have found anything warm enough that fit me. I did my duty to get my sweet ones bundled and out the door to play with Daddy and Papa, who just happened to have driven into town Friday evening to stay with us for a day or two while he got his NC car inspection done. Kenna begged all through breakfast to go put on her "hat and glubbies" (gloves) to go out.

Finn was super thrilled when we pulled out our winter hats (don't worry, he does at least have a diaper on too!). He ran around the house like this and it was so hilarious, but really hard to get a picture of.
 So we geared up!

And they headed out!

Neither kiddo wanted to keep on their gloves, but weren't too happy with chilly, red fingers:
They lasted about 45 minutes before it was time to come in, and everybody was happy to snuggle up with a cup of coffee and a movie with Papa. All the cold weather activities made for some worn out littles, and even Mommy got in a little nap!

The snow kept falling through the afternoon, but since it had been so warm the few days before, nothing stuck to the road (or even the ground) all that much. Later that night, Matt took the ESBC youth out to the Winterjam concert in Greensboro, but thankfully the snow didn't turn to icy roads like it usually does. It was actually pretty perfect- an awesome fun snow day that was here today, gone tomorrow!

Thursday, February 14, 2013

My Funny Valentines!

Valentine's Day isn't something we've celebrated much in the past... often Matt and I have been out of town, working, or otherwise apart for whatever reason. My husband does an amazing job of treating and surprising me often enough that I never feel neglected by "just a card" on Valentine's, although he usually does more!

Fun fact: 2 years ago I was 37 weeks pregnant with Finn, and this year here I am 36 weeks pregnant this time with baby number 3, but we managed to pull together some Valentine fun anyway! We started a couple days ago when Kenna and I sat down in the afternoon to make some Valentines for her friends at church and back in Raleigh (and I made some to send to their mommies!). I had bought these little pre-made blank ones in the dollar section of Target, so it was super easy for Kenna to add her special touch to them.

 In fact, on the very first one she randomly wrote an "H" and an "I" on it... when I told her she had spelled "hi" she was so excited and wrote it on all of them! So proud of how much our little big girl is growing. She also has started learning to write her name!
Her Valentines were so cute I could hardly stand it. I wanted to keep all of them!
Finn, not to be left out, did some coloring as well!
The Target dollar section also provided the cute Valentines I sent to my grown up friends... love these! (I mailed Kenna's little ones tucked inside these big ones.)
This morning we woke up to beautiful roses Daddy picked out- a dozen for Mommy and one special one just for Kenna!
We made cinnamon buns for breakfast and then it was time for the little Valentine baskets I put together for them. I"ll have to be quicker on the uptake next year, I didn't get a single picture of them before they were enjoyed! Finn was the most excited about the candy. He ate two cinnamon buns, some fruit loops, a box of sweetheart candy, four peanut M&Ms, and a partridge in a pear tree... for breakfast!!!
I had a full-on real present from Matt and guess what was in it? Some of the nicest shoes I've ever owned, and just the ones I wanted! He did a little sleuthing and ordered them online in the perfect size. Thank you, babe! I absolutely love them!
Matt had gotten supplies to make chocolate-covered strawberries, so he and Kenna got right to work and made us some really delicious strawberries. They didn't last long and Kenna kept begging for more.

In the spirit of the time we made an all-pink Valentine lunch, Kenna's next cooking endeavor was to help me make her and Finn pinterest-inspired nutella and sprinkles heart shaped sandwiches. The difference this year was that I in no way attempted to make it nutritious- nutella sandwiches, chocolate covered strawberries, and heart shaped marshmallows! 
 On a sidenote, you know Momma's 8 months pregnant when she's wearing a tank top in February:

 Finn on the other hand was not so sure about the chocolate covered strawberries- he has been known to hand chocolate covered items back to us saying "poop."

We spent the rest of the day running some errands and then playing with Daddy when he was done with work. The kiddos headed to bed early for Daddy and Mommy to cook a special dinner together... salmon, rice pilaf, chocolate strawberry cheesecake, and Mommy's attempt at stuffed mushrooms.

Matt's gift from me was not expensive, but made with lots of love... a mad lib style love note we filled out about/to each other, a handmade card, and a shovel full of his favorite candy that said "I dig you," -which was one of the first things he ever said to me to indicate he was interested in me as more than a friend! Sentimental, loving, and cheesy... just as a Valentine should be.

It was also fun to do a little Valentine decorating in our new house... although let's be real, this will probably all still be up after the baby comes sometime in March, at which point I will get embarrassed and redecorate! I tried to keep it simple (and cheap!) with glass jars, paper doilies, and a foam glitter heart half off at Hobby Lobby... my favorite!

 And a new verse for our chalkboard in the kitchen:
We love our sweet Valentines! Next year we'll celebrate Valentine's Day not only with 3 kiddos, but gearing up for 3 March birthdays in the family!