Monday, February 18, 2013

Real Snow Day!

I wrote a few weeks back about a "snow day" we had where snow was predicted but all we got was barely the slightest dusting on the cars... well, when we were least expecting it this weekend, we got a real snow day! I say least expecting because we were literally outside playing the day before in 60 something degree weather and the kids were in tshirts:

The next morning, Kenna burst into our room. "Mommy and Daddy! It's winter! There's snow!" And she was right- the biggest, most beautiful fat snowflakes I've seen in a long time were falling!
This is Mommy's preferred view of the snow- especially at 8 months pregnant! Even if I wanted to go out in the cold, I'm not sure I could have found anything warm enough that fit me. I did my duty to get my sweet ones bundled and out the door to play with Daddy and Papa, who just happened to have driven into town Friday evening to stay with us for a day or two while he got his NC car inspection done. Kenna begged all through breakfast to go put on her "hat and glubbies" (gloves) to go out.

Finn was super thrilled when we pulled out our winter hats (don't worry, he does at least have a diaper on too!). He ran around the house like this and it was so hilarious, but really hard to get a picture of.
 So we geared up!

And they headed out!

Neither kiddo wanted to keep on their gloves, but weren't too happy with chilly, red fingers:
They lasted about 45 minutes before it was time to come in, and everybody was happy to snuggle up with a cup of coffee and a movie with Papa. All the cold weather activities made for some worn out littles, and even Mommy got in a little nap!

The snow kept falling through the afternoon, but since it had been so warm the few days before, nothing stuck to the road (or even the ground) all that much. Later that night, Matt took the ESBC youth out to the Winterjam concert in Greensboro, but thankfully the snow didn't turn to icy roads like it usually does. It was actually pretty perfect- an awesome fun snow day that was here today, gone tomorrow!

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