Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Baby Catch Up.

Well, I knew it was a bit to be expected that a third sweet baby would be a little left out of the constant and consistent chronological record I dutifully kept with Kenna and only slightly less so with Finn...  but little did I know that this poor little guy would also have to contend with a packing, moving, unpacking, a new job, and a new church along with the other demands on Mommy's time of pregnancy and two big siblings! This means that there's been not a single pregnancy post about him since we announced it back in September (at which point I was already past the first trimester) and no pregnancy baby book or photo albums so far! (Although to be fair, Finn doesn't have any photo albums yet either- I'm hoping the boys won't really care about this much when they get bigger and won't take it as a sign of Mommy having favorites or anything- Kenna, who probably will be the only one to really care, already has four.)

Maybe the fact that I've tried hard to keep the blog updated will suffice- at least that's what I'm telling myself!

So I thought I'd at least try to play catch up with some of the belly photos I did sneak in here and there through all the busy days. Almost all of them were taken with the fancy photo phone Matt picked out for me, even though he does fuss about how he'd be happy to take "real ones" for me. Somehow it just feels easier to snap a quick one with my phone on the way out the door after how long it takes to get everybody dressed and ready most days!

Baby number 3! 
13 weeks:

12 Weeks 6 days
1st ultrasound! Pregnancy confirmed and ready to announce!

14 weeks

16 weeks
Momma had just gotten herself a haircut.

17 weeks
I felt so large already in this picture!
Partly the denial, but partly that little man has been measuring big all along!

It's a boy!
A friend kept the kids while we went to the ultrasound.
Kenna was a little bummed, but got right on board with brother #2!
I think the cupcake with little blue shoes helped.

18 weeks
Packing up the whole house to move, crashing on the couch at night.

22 weeks
Walking out the door, ready for church.
(At our new house by now.)

29 weeks
Matt bought me this Shelly Moore Band t-shirt for Christmas.
He was purposely hoping it would fit my belly!

32 weeks
I finally broke down and bought a few new maternity pieces, but refused to spend much. 
This shirt was one of them, $10 at Old Navy.

33 weeks
Against my will, finally wearing maternity jeans, also from Old Navy.
I hate how badly they fall down! 
This shirt was consignment, it's super comfy.
I know I did the cute little "how are you feeling" surveys with the other two, but to be honest, this pregnancy has been harder on my body than the first two and I've been trying really hard not to spend the whole time complaining. While I'm thankful to have stayed really healthy, there's been lots more aches and pains than I remembered. Maybe I'm getting older, maybe my body is saying three is my limit, or maybe being pregnant while keeping up with two older babes is just hard work, but I've been struggling especially at night with lots of pain and discomfort, and my old friend severe indigestion. And the Braxton Hicks contractions have been no joke!

We're also having a harder time naming this one than we ever have before. Of course, because we are having a boy, all I can think of is a whole list of girl names I love and I'm really struggling with the boy ones. We've agreed not to go to the hospital without a name settled, so we'll at least have a 15-20 minute drive to decide!

Thankfully, little man moves frequently and reminds me that he is almost ready to join in the fun chaos around here. Kenna is beyond thrilled "two baby brothers," and likes to say hello to my belly and give the "brand new baby" lots of kisses. Finn has just recently gotten into taking care of Kenna's "babees," mostly kissing them and putting them "night night." It's really, really sweet and I can't wait to see what he thinks about the real deal- although we'll have to watch him like a hawk! He is quick and sneaky, and plays a little rough.


Morgan Family said...

So excited for you! With the history of your last labor I suggest going to the hospital sooner rather than later! :) Unless Matt wants to deliver! Can't wait to hear news of your newest little one!

Alisa said...

awww! So excited to hold in my arms this newest little one! I can completely relate to you on the pictures...but be encouraged, he may not have as many pictures and journal entries written of him, but he will always know and feel the abundance of love he was born into. Yes, the first borns have parents with lots of extra time on their hands to craft special books for them, but the youngest ones have more people in their lives loving them, adoring them, kissing them, hugging them, squealing in delight over them, cheering for them, snuggling them.... the overwhelming love they must feel surely melts away any sadness over not having a book. Right? 3 weeks and counting?!! eeee!!! (no Valentines baby please. I'll be out of town. mkay? thanks) :)