Thursday, September 27, 2012

Baby B, 3rd edition!

So, we have a monstrous amount of things going on the past few weeks, and I feel like if I don't get caught up on them now, suddenly I'll be thinking "I should make a Christmas post on the blog... just kidding, it's New Years... oh, the baby's due any day now, I probably should update."

That's right... BABY.

Remember how I was all proud of myself for posting a picture every day for the month of August? Well, one of them, right around August 13th, was of the classic pregnancy test variety. And, it goes without saying, that test was positive! We had to wait until after the Labor day (haha, ironic) holiday to get our ultrasound done, so we posted this fun picture online to show everybody the news:
So here is Baby Brogli, 3rd edition, due March 13! Just a few days shy of when his or her big brother will turn two. And yes, that's a tad terrifying considering how wild and active big brother is already.
We are already just past 16 weeks, and I feel like I can take everything anyone's ever told me about how fast things speed up with each child and multiply it by a hundred. We're already in the second trimester. We're already finding out the gender in just two weeks. I'm already feeling huge-er and feeling stretchy pains and trying to watch my weight and thinking I should be walking more because my body knows what's coming. As my sister in law said when she was pregnant with their third, I keep thinking it's "too soon" to be feeling whatever... and then I realize I'm already past 16 weeks. That is close to halfway! Insane.

Kenna is thrilled that a baby is on the way, and every time she calls it a "she" I remind her that we don't get to pick what kind of baby it is and it might be a boy, and won't that be lots of fun too? She has reconciled by telling me that the baby in my belly might be a boy but the one in hers is definitely a girl. I've even been told that she announced to her Sunday school teacher (a friend of mine who is also expecting!) that our baby is a girl. While she's stopped asking daily if our baby is "ready yet," she did lean in close to my belly and tell the baby sorry when she jumped a little too hard on me today. So sweet.

This wee one was such a fun, unexpected surprise, that even the belly pictures have gone the way of denial- I keep thinking I can't possibly be showing yet, I'm not that far, etc. Then I see other friends who are due a few weeks behind me posting theirs and I have to admit, yes. I have a baby belly already!
This was not meant to be a super sensitive backlit momma-to-be pose, I'm looking down at Finn trying to photo bomb me and the only part of the room not filled with moving boxes was right in front of the door.  I'm even "sucking in" my stomach for that picture... number 3 pokes out big and fast!

So here are a few fun quick notes, before I forget them, about the quickly-gone first trimester, as we are already starting strong into the second:

-Cravings have been anything mexican/nachos/tacos (I had the best homemade guacamole of my life around 13 weeks thanks to my friend Jillian), pickles, extra mayonnaise-y sandwiches,jersey mike's subs, salty things like soy sauce, and most recently red gummi bears. My cravings seem to last a week or two and then change which I'm thankful for since they're obviously not very healthy.

-This time around is reminding me how taxing even a healthy pregnancy is on the body. I've had much more ligament pain and even heart palpitations than with the other two. I've been extra tired and occasionally queasy, but not sick, just like with the first two. Midnight seems to be my magic number- if I'm not in bed asleep by then, I'm mostly worthless and trying to catch up the next day.

-For whatever reason, this pregnancy feels much more mysterious. Maybe it's because our kids have such huge personalities, but I feel like this little stranger is living inside me. I spend every day with his or her siblings and know so much about them and am learning new things and watching them change every day, but this little one is still a mystery to me. I'm sure at the very beginning it was like this with the other two, and maybe finding out the gender will help!

I have to include something funny my Dad said when we told him: when you announce your first pregnancy people are thrilled for you... when you announce the second they're very excited your first will have a playmate... the third is more like, well if you want to take on that life choice...

I had to laugh because it's a little true. But we always knew we wanted more children and are thrilled with the surprise! We can't wait for your arrival, sweet new baby, and we especially are on pins and needles to find out what gender you are!


Morgan Family said...

We are so thrilled for the Brogli crew! This is one family who will always be excited at the news of new number 3 or 13! :)

Alisa said...

Yay! I've been waiting and waiting for this post!! :) Somehow it's even sweeter the third time around, right? For me it was because I wasn't sure there would ever be a 3rd, so then to have one felt like such a bonus! And still does! I say go big or go home! haha! :)

Alisa said...

You may be on pins and needles over the gender, but I'm on pins and needles about your delivery!! Girl, you need to like pitch a tent and camp out at the hospital the week of your due date. ;) How far is the hospital from your new home?!! No babies in cars, PLEEEEEASE. :)

leah said...

aww congratulations!! Very exciting!