Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Big Kid Well Checks!

We decided it would be a good idea to take both kids in to the pediatrician to buy us some time to find a new pediatrician after we move. These were just well checks, but both kids did need to get their flu shots (and Finn additionally got one of the hepatitis rounds).

I'm always grateful when going into the pediatrician at how healthy our kids are and how much I've been able to take that for granted. We haven't had to deal with any asthma or breathing treatment stuff that seems so common in our little friends. Just a well check costs $30 per child in co-pays, and I can't imagine how much more expensive it would be if they needed ongoing care- I'm extra grateful we've never been desperate to figure out how to financially get our kids the care they need! It's so humbling.

This was the first well check where Kenna really felt like a big kid- she got to sit and get her blood pressure taken, her height and weight, and did a whole eye exam of recognizing shapes that the nurse said she did really well on! I"m so glad I quickly snapped this photo with my phone of her looking so big and proud of herself!
She even got to wear the special paper robe that she said was like a "toilet paper dress."
We had talked to Kenna about the flu shot beforehand- about how it would pinch and hurt for just a minute, but then feel better, that the doctor would be very nice, and that we would hold her hand and get her some special stickers for being brave. She informed us that she would be getting the shot "all by herself" and that she would hold the doctor's hand if she needed to. It turned out she was super brave! The doctor had her give Daddy a big hug, and while her arm was up high, she gave her the shot in her shoulder. I think Kenna didn't even realize it was already over and done! She did such a great job, we were so impressed and proud.

Kenna and Finn both ran around the office and the exam room the whole time we were waiting, and Finn did not appreciate it when we made him sit still while sister got checked. In fact, this is before he even got his shots:
He didn't appreciate the shots either, and cried just as hard when I had to hold him still so the doctor could look in his little ears. He hates to be forced to sit still! We came home after lunch and crashed out hard for a long afternoon nap.

So, so thankful for my healthy babies, and soon we'll be three!

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