Saturday, October 27, 2012

Packing. Moving. Changing.

October 7th, 2012 was Matt's first Sunday morning preaching as the full time senior pastor of our new church, which we wrote a little bit about here. But before that could happen, several weeks of planning, packing, and praying went into getting ready to make a completely new place our home.

While Matt was still working the evening shift at UNC hospital, a lot of the physical packing fell to me and the kids at home during the day while he took care of lots of the logistics like forwarding our mail and bills, and pretty much anything that could be done online during his breaks.

Packing this time around was extra tiring and emotional for me with two littles underfoot and being pregnant. Thankfully, we had lots of family and friends nearby who helped us out in a myriad of ways. Matt's parents had clients who had just moved who sent over at least two pickup truckloads of boxes for us to use! This was a huge help and provided lots of laughs to see how someone else had labeled their packed stuff... some of them were just plain funny. There was one labeled simple "parts" but we didn't know parts to what? And "dragons:"
Kenna and Finn thought packing up everything we own into a box was the most fun idea ever. It was really adorable and sweet to see the ways they wanted to help. We found lots of oddly packed little boxes full of Kenna's treasures:
and Finn mostly just thought it would be helpful to take things back out of the boxes as I put them in. We made sure to stock up on lots of snuggles and talk about all the exciting new things about our new house to ease the transition.
Because the parsonage was move-in ready (and brand new and beautiful!) we were able to take a few weekend trips when Matt first started preaching every Sunday, and "camp out" on our mattresses and a futon and Finn's pack and play.

We also made more than one load with a moving truck and a trailer. It was really great to break up the work this way- we had 2 brothers, one dad (Matt's), 2 neighbors, and Sunday school members/friends and a partridge in a pear tree helping us pack up the Wake Forest house. I couldn't believe how fast it went! My precious neighbor Jenn came behind us as we worked, cleaning the bathrooms and vacuuming. I'll never forget sitting in the living room, Matt and I both in tears over leaving a 'borrowed' place that we had made home... where our babies were babies... leaving a town we thought the Lord would allow us to stay... headed out into yet another completely unknown major change. Simply exhausted.

We spent the night at Matt's parents and then drove the big truck down the next morning. Just about every member of our new church helped us unload in some way- the guys lifted furniture, teens carried in boxes, and the ladies brought food! My Dad even drove up from South Carolina to spend the night with us and help unload. It was great and we felt so welcomed, despite the chaos of all our stuff! I couldn't wait to start getting things unpacked and arranged in our new place.
Here's a photo of our new living room, things have come along! We've really tried to paint and hang things to make it feel homey right away! Of course, I don't expect it to stay this way for long, as I am a chronic furniture re-arranger.

The church held a really lovely welcoming and parsonage dedication, and we have been so touched and thankful at their provision of this house for their pastor. We are so honored to live here and be the very first stewards of it!

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