Saturday, February 23, 2013

My Grown Up Girl.

Oh my Kenna bear.
I can't believe how fast you are growing up.
Sassy. Inquisitive. Bright. You never forget anything! You remember every word we say and take it very seriously anytime you feel like we are not keeping our word to you. You still wear your heart on your sleeve and can go from happy to complete breakdown so very quickly. So independent that I relish the times you still need my help or just want my snuggles.
The SWEETEST thing when you want to be.
You are so musical- always singing and making up little songs and you taught your brother to hum which is about the cutest thing ever. You alternate between singing songs you have heard in your T.V. shows and movies with little ones you make up as you go along- it is February and you're still singing Christmas carols. You love painting and often paint crosses- "Jesus dieds" which makes Mommy and Daddy so happy!

Dress up is your favorite game- complete with elaborate stories of what you are dressed as and what adventures you are going on. You are an accessories girl and love to wear a necklace or two to church (like Mommy). Your church shoes are your favorite and you much prefer dresses to shirts and jeans which you say give you "itchy spots."

Your favorite toys are My Little Ponies and your Barbie dolls which you call "dollies." They host elaborate picnics together and all their accessories must be arranged just so. You like to switch them all around from bag to basket to bucket to tote them all around the house- and to keep Finn from touching them.

You "turned into" 4 years old just after we moved to Eagle Springs, and your Daddy and I have been shocked at how much you grew. Four just seems so much bigger and smarter than three- you still love to paint, love to have books read to you and your special Buttercup stories with Daddy at bedtime. You just started sleeping in your bunk bed that we painted for you, and you just seem so big. You can brush your own teeth and buckle your own car seat and you're such a big helper. I can give you a task and you love to help!
You are brave and independent, but still love Mommy's snuggles and Daddy's attention. You have lots of stories to tell and questions to ask. You love on Finn and always want to help take care of him- washing him in the bath, singing bedtime songs to him, and kissing him goodnight. You do like to remind him that he's littler than you though- that he's not allowed on your bunk bed and that he can only color with the washable markers. You definitely want to be the little mommy of the house.
You're even learning to write your name and other short words (you wrote "Hi" on all your Valentines this year) and I can't believe it's almost time for you to start school! We love you so much, Kenna bear!

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