Tuesday, February 15, 2011

A Day of Little Valentines!

Being 37 and half weeks pregnant does not make for much great planning ahead these days, but we managed to all sneak in some fun Valentine's Day surprises for each other this year! Even though Matt and I always say we are not going to do anything more than cards, I always know he's going to get me something, so I make sure to get him/make him a little something too. I also got to pick out some little surprises for Kenna this year, which is so fun now that she can interact with fun holidays a little more!

When I woke up Monday morning, this was waiting for me in the kitchen:
pink roses (that smelled amazing!), a heart made of my favorite dove chocolates, and a card that unfolded accordion-style and even sang to me! Matt has always been a really talented card-picker-outer!

So to go with the card I had gotten him and the one I helped Kenna make for him, we decided to make him cookies too. When he got home from work, this was waiting for him:
My neighbor friend had just mentioned that she and her husband both had Valentine's week birthdays, so I packaged up some of the cookies and chocolates for them too and even made a fun little Valentine for their dog with some doggie biscuits (from our dog, of course!) using these really cute printables:
I had the most fun picking a few fun things out for Kenna. When she went down for her nap, I set it all out so it would be waiting for her when she woke up. The little mailbox was from the $1/$2.50 section from Target, the sticker book was from the $1 section at Michael's, and I painted the pink "K" on a clearance sketchbook from Walmart (to put her stickers in).
Granddaddy and Nana B. had given her a balloon that I tied to the back of her chair:
But of course, she was most interested in the candy:
I let her stay in her hearts jammies all day:
Then, after letting hear eat two "pops" (little dum dum lollypops) and a mini box of nerds, I made her an all-pink and somewhat healthier dinner. Since Matt works late into the evenings, there aren't any men in the house at dinner time to object to our pink dinners:
juice in a pink cup, strawberry yogurt, ham roll ups, craisin cranberries, and pink/red fruit snacks... all on a pink heart plate, of course!

Hope you all had a wonderful "Love Day!" and a Happy Valentine's!


Tara said...

Looks like it was a wonderful Valentine's Day for all! You are so creative with all your pink/hearts/sweet stuff!

Hope you guys are feeling better! Nathan got the tummy bug on Monday, so we are all holding our breath that the rest of us won't get it. I really do want to get together with you...just can't risk giving you these germs when "little Brogli" will be here soon!!!

leah said...

So cute! Love the dinner you made for Kenna-- adorable!