Friday, February 25, 2011

Blustery Day Baby.

I guess I will have to quit calling Kenna the baby around here- especially in the next few days when so many of my loved ones are "on call" & waiting for the call! We are distracting ourselves by spending some time outdoors whenever a little nice weather hits, even if it's after a rainy night/morning and very blustery out!

Whomever coined the phrase "money can't buy happiness" never bought a pair of red wellies for $4 at Goodwill in the presence of a 2 year old. We found these for little brother, but they conveniently happen to fit Kenna perfectly right now! She is doing her duty of breaking them in and making sure they are just right for him when he gets here.
She reminds me of Christopher Robin in these little rain boots... and apparently they are excellent for dress-up (outfit by Kenna):
And speaking of babies, here we are 39 weeks and still pregnant so far (as confirmed by a slightly disappointing trip to my OB yesterday... so we are still waiting):
Big sister was fresh-off-her-nap energized and wanted to make an appearance in the belly shots:
So she did! She also likes to undress herself after naps, as you can see. Her ulterior motive for being so cute was wanting to play with the soap, which we keep out of her reach for its own safety. Same goes for the box of tissues.

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Autumn said...

These pictures are adorable! She is getting so big, and I love her dress-up attire (Alia loves using bibs as dress-up accessories too). And then seeing her smiling face in your baby bump pics is too cute for words. You look great and we can't wait to hear baby news! Love, Autumn