Friday, February 18, 2011

38 Weeks.

Here's a mini-update for 38 weeks since honestly, there's not too much news!
  • I had a check up yesterday and was told I "haven't dilated much at all yet." This means I'm still pregnant, maybe for awhile!
  • There's a full moon tonight and I hear mixed reviews on whether they cause people to go into labor (although I think a change in barometric pressure does).
  • Matt has a one weekend only class tonight and all day tomorrow that he can't miss (it's pass/fail) so as much as we want the fun to start, we're actually hoping the baby waits until next week.
  • I'm feeling as well as can be expected at this point- not sleeping well, lots of heartburn, can't lift a thing (like my toddler), and it's so hard to get around! Just feeling ready for my body to start being able to get back to normal.
  • Also feeling ready to meet this little boy! His nursery isn't fully done yet, but I don't even care. Can't wait for the tiny toes and new baby smell.
  • The hospital bag is mostly packed and we're making sure the car seat is put in this weekend! We haven't done it yet because I'm crazy manic nesting and want to vacuum the whole car with one of those industrial gas station vacuum hoses.
  • Belly pics are pretty comical at this point- I kind of feel like a science project! But, posterity is posterity, and I'm sure I'll want to compare pregnancies later. Here's 38 weeks, in the same pants as my 2 month picture except that then they were folded over and now they're straight up to my arm pits! Gotta love the fold-over yoga pants.
Come out soon, baby boy! We want to meet you!


Tara said...

You look great! Hang in there, Momma! He's almost here!

Jenn & David said...

Things could change within seconds :) The timing will be perfect for his arrival. It was great seeing you today. You do look great!