Thursday, February 3, 2011

First Little Sprout.

The other morning when we were getting ready for church, Kenna's hair was still having a crazy mind-of-its-own day despite Matt's valiant efforts at wetting it down. I decided it was time to officially try to really put it up somehow. I scraped a little from the front and a little from the back where it was wet down and got it into a tiny pony tail with one of those teeny little bands that look like they belong on somebody's braces:
We finally have enough for a little "sprout!" (Look, Aunt Alisa!)

It shouldn't surprise me that our little bear doesn't have much hair to work with- my Mom always said I didn't have much hair at all until I was three so apparently Kenna gets it from me! Call me silly, but it makes me SO happy to see that little sprout bouncing along as she walks.
Love, love, love these little cheeks. Love that she kind of looks like she's dressed up as Pebbles from the Flintstones. Love that her wild hair matches her wild personality. The carseat is one of the only places I can get her to hold still for a picture- especially since she was very excited about her "bow."

This picture was from a few weeks ago, but underneath that sweater she's wearing in the previous photos, she was also wearing a smocked dress that my mom made for me when i was little and saved for if i had a daughter someday. It's so fun that they fit her and I've enjoyed reliving the dresses through her even though it's a little bittersweet because I would really have loved for my Mom to be able to see her in them.
But they do make for great Sunday church dresses and she loves the girly-ness... I mean, sometimes you just have to strike a pose in your Sunday best right?


Mary Lou said...

Nothing like having something special from your mom. I have dress she made for my sister and I to be dedicated so the girls got to use it and then Shelby Grace.

Tara said...

Joy, joy, joy!!! A sprout to put a hairbow in!!! I remember doing the same thing with Natalie :)

Alisa said...

My proudest moment as an aunt. :) such a cutie!