Tuesday, September 29, 2009

September Birthdays!

On September 10th our sweet nephew Beckley turned one year old! We spent Saturday afternoon celebrating our little buddy and spending time with our family.
Kenna apparently decided that the best gift for her cousin would be that when he leaned over to smootch him, she would give him a nice big smootch right back on the lips! They spent most of their time together either trying to hug/pinch each other or squealing happily at each other.
The funny part was when, at church the next day, a very sweet lady asked me if "those cute twins" were mine- I laughed and said no, they are just cousins 2 months apart!
On the 22nd, Matt's Mom had a birthday as well. Doesn't she look good for 42 years old? Kenna was excited to celebrate with her Nana B, especially when there was cake involved!
These grandbabies love these grandparents! Happy Birthday Beckley and Nana B!

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