Saturday, October 31, 2009

Hold Me Closer, Tiny Dancer

For Kenna's first Halloween, I was planning on keeping it simple and just making a little costume for her... like a collar of "icing" made out of felt for a cupcake costume, or a red onesie with black dots to be a strawberry (she has a strawberry hat too). But at the last minute Matt said he wanted her to have a real costume, and of course, I was ok with that!

So one quick trip to Target later we had a skirted leotard, plus some hand-me-down pink tights and her polka dot leggings:
A tiny dancer. I was so excited about getting her all dressed in her costume and taking pictures, you would have thought I was sending her out to the prom!
We took her last night to Bayleaf's Fall Festival, which I had been excited about for weeks! We had volunteered to run one of the games and were assigned the David & Goliath bean bag toss. We had so much fun! Matt chased after bean bags for all the little kids, and Kenna and I admired all the costumes and handed out candy. She sat on my lap for 45 minutes straight, completely enthralled by all the action around her!
There were tons of people and lots of great food, and games for the bigger kids! We all had a blast hanging out and watching the kids stuff themselves with all the good stuff... hot dogs, cotton candy, cookies, soda, and candy!
Bayleaf's family life center was completely packed with people!
Nana B, Kenna, Granddaddy and Beckley... busy getting spoiled, of course!
Little cousin friends, Beckley the alligator, Ansley the pumpkin, and Kenna the ballerina!
Group picture- me, Matt, Kenna, Leanne, Beckley, Sandy, and Ansley
Kenna was not so thrilled about sitting on the hay with the scarecrow. She sat and pouted and then started melting down shortly after! We didn't even make it home before she completely crashed out:
What a good time we had! Happy halloween!

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