Monday, June 14, 2010


I am officially a mother who let her one and a half year old ride a horse. Firstly, because it was just about the nicest, calmest horse ever (I gave him a good once-over before I let Kenna go anywhere near him). Secondly, because her Daddy and Granddaddy were up there with her and thirdly, because she loved it. I seriously think she thought Pontouf had just grown a couple of feet taller (and hooves).
Yep, we all rode the horse!
Our oldest niece Ansley turned 6 this month, and the horse was at her birthday party. You have never seen so many excited little girls riding a real horse! Sadly, my camera battery died after taking about 3 pictures, so we have no picture of the birthday girl! Thankfully, I'm sure her mommy and daddy do. I have a little "wow" moment thinking that she is turning 6, because that means we've almost been married for 6 years! We both still clearly remember sitting at one of those awkward "everybody knows you're about to get engaged and we're still getting used to the idea" dinners with my family, and then got the call that Leanne was having her baby. And that baby is now a big 6 year old!

It actually didn't surprise me that Kenna liked riding the horse, because she has proven herself to be one tough little cookie recently. One of her new favorite things is to take walks with us in the evening around the neighborhood, up to the mailbox, or up to the pool during the day. She is little Miss Independent and wants to walk all by herself, and gets going a little too fast. Several times now she's tripped and scraped up her knees and it didn't even phase her. The only time it stopped her was when they were already scabbed up, and she tripped at the pool and reopened them. Now her little knees are a mix of old and new boo boos.
Baby's first boo-boos... nothing some pink Hello Kitty band-aids can't fix! (I admit that pink Hello Kitty band-aids are one of the things I was looking forward to as a Mommy of a little girl).

We also went and met a new friend this week! My sophomore year of high school, my good friend Mary asked my good friend Austin to the Winterfest dance. Eleven years later, they are married and have a sweet newborn little boy, Emory Jackson! Kenna loved him, and tried to share toys with him- namely the Wii remote, which she thought was a phone. It was hard to get a picture of him while also keeping her from chasing their poor unsuspecting cats.
Luckily, Kenna had no problem making herself right at home at her new friend's house, falling asleep on their awesome couch (that we used to watch movies on in high school!) and giving Mary and I a chance to talk breastfeeding and cloth diapering. We had not really gotten to hang out since we had dinner together almost a year ago, before she was even pregnant with Emory! I love that no matter how well she has researched an issue (and she has!) she still wants to hear another mom's experience or opinion. It was fun getting to hear her birth story and remembering mine with Kenna. Still hard to believe that my tiny newborn is this long, tall toddler now!
Congrats, Mary and Austin! Emory is so precious!

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Jenn & David said...

so much fun!!!! And sorry about the boo boos :( Not much us mommas can do about that.