Saturday, October 29, 2011

Fall-ish Things.

We have had such a mild fall, I think when the weather finally changes it's going to feel like we went straight from summer to winter. But the warmer weather has meant lots of evenings playing and eating dinner on the back porch:
(This is the classic "say cheese" face.)
And we have had some days that were cool enough for our hoodies:
We've been at the park several times, including a trip with our awesome Sunday school class where Kenna discovered s'mores (not a fan) and Finn discovered graham crackers (ginormous fan)!
Here she is feeding me the s'more because she wasn't crazy about it. Shocking!We just happened to stop by one afternoon while Granddaddy was about to drive his tractor through his garden... Kenna took one look at it and asked "I ride it?" Granddaddy had the same thought!
And just a little bit of chillier mornings are letting us know winter is coming. I love bundling our wee ones up!

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