Sunday, June 9, 2013

Growing Boy!

I had to laugh just now when I saw these two photos side by side on Matt's facebook page!

Gunnar around three weeks:
Gunnar around three months:

Not to mention these two lovelies:

They're such a visual confirmation of how quickly he's growing and what a big boy he is already. We're not surprised, mostly because he's such a constant eater, but we're so thankful that he's so healthy and loving his sweet little fatness! I gave him a bath the other night and realized that not only has he grown out of all his newborn clothes (pretty obvious since he was almost an 11 pound newborn) but even his 3-6 month stuff is getting small... so I put my not-yet 3 month old boy to bed in 6 month jammies. 
Truly, the hand-me-downs must be shrinking in the laundry. Why else would this outfit that fit Finn at six months fit Gunnar now at 3 months?
My babies are growing up way too fast. It's getting ridiculous.

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