Friday, January 24, 2014

Finn at almost 3

This sweet, sweet little boy. Where do I start describing him if not with those long, dark, lady-killing eyelashes? Those sweet cheeks that are losing their baby chubb because he's so much more of a wild, active little boy than toddler anymore.

Today I laid down with him in Mommy & Daddy's bed at rest time. He'd rather be in his own bed, but he shares a room with Gunnar who is already sleeping. Two little tears about not being in his bed & not having his paci and suddenly his little breaths have changed to soft sleeping ones- he falls asleep so fast, like his Daddy. When you play so hard, you sleep quickly.

He's getting bigger and can ask for what he wants. He can keep sister on her toes and can help himself a little more... putting on shoes, picking out his own snack or candy from the jar... big pouts and the cutest disappointment when I tell him no because he didn't eat his lunch. Little tiny arms crossed in defiance, he learned that from sister for sure. Stealing toys from her and running off with them, but also sitting and playing with her so nicely sometimes. He loves to play 'bad guys' (any super hero) and 'super mens' (spiderman). Loves to chase & be chased, loves to be tickled & loves to laugh.

He sleeps every night with his soccer ball pillow stacked on his truck pillow & his little head on top. Difficult to potty train so far and so busy, rarely sitting still unless he's completely engrossed in a show (also like his Daddy!). Loves to watch superwhy and mickey and buzz. Loves his new "woodee" toy he got for Christmas.

Comes straight to me for kisses when he's hurt, and can instantly be cheered up with pretend arm biting, ticklish nibbles.

Mischevious. Constant motion. SO much sweetness. Finnfinn, we love you so.

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