Thursday, April 16, 2009

A little something that made me smile today!

We are super busy around here, and have much to update about soon, but for now I had to share a little family secret... we look alike. Check out my sweet nephew and how much he looks like Kenna! I think they have a very strong family resemblance.

Evan at 2 years old:
and Kenna when she was 3 months:
I think it's even more apparent when you compare them both as babies:
and Kenna:
I can't wait to see these two sweet kiddos growing up together! Pretty soon Kenna will have a baby girl cousin (Evan's little sister) around to play dolls and makeup and all those fun girly things with!

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Alisa said...

I LOVE THIS!!! I have thought the same thing many times! You should add the picture of Kenna in her bouncy seat with those great big eyes staring at the giraffe. We have an identical picture of Evan doing the same thing. haha! LOVE IT!

Although, the picture of Evan at the top is Evan at 25 months (:--- not 13. Sorry sis, you're going to have to face it, the buddy has disregarded all of our wishes and grown up anyways!! (:

Baby girl names..... I think I'm getting closer! I finally finished the book I borrowed from Linda with 60,000 names. (: But I found another name I really like in the process. I hope to make some more headway on it this weekend! At home we just call her baby girl. Time is running out!! EEKS!