Monday, March 30, 2009

Weekend Youth Retreat '09

For a long time, Matt felt called to full-time ministry. Now, here we are:

Cabin at Camp Caraway for the weekend: $1100

Large bag of marshmallows at Wal-mart: $1.96

A room full of youth watching Lindsey beat Matt at ChubbyBunny by stuffing 9 marshmallows in her mouth at once:


There are few times in life where a picture is truly worth a thousand words... a great game of ChubbyBunny is definitely one of them. Deep in the woods of Camp Caraway, when rain had derailed most of our afternoon and evening plans, Matt came up with some awesome games to play including but not limited to ChubbyBunny (where you take turns shoving giant marshmallows in your mouth until someone either throws up or can't say "chubby bunny" anymore), a marathon Twister tournament, and a pillowfight of epic proportions.
Sean, I'm sorry we didn't know how much you hated marshmallows!
We love these crazy kids!


Tara said...

What a fun weekend! And how these pictures bring back memories of our time in the youth group at Bay Leaf!

PS. Love your new blog design and header too!

lindsey said...

thanks tara! it was such a fun and crazy weekend!

Anonymous said...

What fun pictures look like everyone had a great time and I am so thrilled
went shopping found Kenna a beautiful easter outfit can't wait to see her in it of course it is pink Dad helped me pickit out pink shoes so much fun
we love you all so much
Mom and Dad