Thursday, March 12, 2009

Happy Birthday, Daddy!

Last week we celebrated Matt's 28th birthday! We started the celebration a little early (as usual) by going out to dinner with Matt's family at Outback on Friday night. We've discovered that Burlington, NC is a good halfway mark between Raleigh and Randleman, so we met there. The weather was incredible, and it was great to catch up with family that we don't see that often! I made sure to get a picture, since we so rarely get a chance to take one with all three of us together.
Unfortunately on Saturday (Matt's actual birthday) he had to wake up early... our neighbor had offered to help him cut up a tree that we took down in our yard that had been laying there for months. Matt took the opportunity to witness to him and appreciated the help in getting the tree taken care of. Then, Saturday evening, our church went out together to witness in the community since we have just finished an evangelism study. Matt was able to share the gospel with two teenagers while we were out, and he happened to give them his business card for the church if they wanted to call with more questions. One of the guys, named Louis, called this week to let Matt know that he had become a Christian! It would have been cool any time, but Matt was especially excited to share Christ on his birthday!

For dinner that night, we tried a new place in Greensboro called Smoky Bones, which had been recommended to us by my parents who had gone to one in Orlando. Kenna was great, and slept the whole time so that we could have a nice leisurely dinner! Smoky Bones was good, but I think we will stick with our Shane's Rib Shack... it's much more affordable, and I think the food is better!
Other than the normal "almost 30" thoughts, I think Matt was happy to be turning 28. We are so proud of this Daddy and all his accomplishments this year! We as a couple answered God's call into full-time ministry...we have survived a busy and sometimes difficult year together, and are stronger than ever in our marriage... and best of all, he became a full-time Daddy to Kenna!
Happy Birthday, Daddy!

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Tara said...

Happy Birthday Matt! So glad that you all had a good time! And what a special birthday present: a new brother in Christ!