Tuesday, March 17, 2009

The Best Part

Sometimes the days feel like they don't belong to you anymore, because it's so much harder to get anything done. It can be frustrating sometimes to have your sleep interrupted multiple times in the night... to have food regurgitated onto you... to try to keep little feet from kicking right into their own poop while changing a diaper. But despite all those things, which always seem to happen when I'd rather be sleeping and it would seem that this little one can function on almost no sleep at all, I want to always remember that I woke up every morning to this:
and this, with her little polka-dotted wonderfulness:
It's hard to stay frustrated with someone who is always happy to see you! Especially when this is the soundtrack:

That, by far, is the best part of motherhood yet! (And her Daddy would have to agree that it's pretty cool too!)


Alisa said...

I miss her so much!!

Anonymous said...

That is so precious she is so beautiful I wish she was here with us and I could hold her she makes evrything seem all right in this world
hope you are having a great day
we love you with all our hearts

Anonymous said...

I have played this so many times it makes me so happy when I listen to her I am missing her so much
we love you and are praying for you
we love you