Sunday, March 15, 2009

Little Miss

At 3 and a half months old, Kenna is a very busy little miss! Here are some of the things we've been up to:

I started keeping our friends Chris and Toni's little boy named Aiden twice a week! I wasn't sure how things would go with an active 2 year old, an active puppy, and a baby who wants to be held (and fed!) constantly throughout the day, but things went great! They all sat and watched Veggie Tales together for a good part of the day, and even took a good solid nap at the same time! I keep joking with everyone that if I thought it would be that easy all the time, we might have 5 kids!
Aiden has opened our eyes to all the coolest things in a 2 year old world... Mickey Mouse's clubhouse, Cars, and of course, Wonder Pets. Matt and I have been joking about how many things have become "sewious" in our day-to-day lives all of a sudden:
He's lots of fun to play with, and keeps me updated through out the day of what Kenna is doing (Kenna's awake! Kenna's sleeping. Kenna's crying.) etc. I think they've gotten to be pretty good little friends!
Kenna has also started to try out the Bumbo seat that we borrowed from cousin Evan! She is still not quite able to hold herself upright, but enjoys being able to sit up and look around at everyone! She is so nosy and loves to be in the middle of the action.
Mommy's absolute favorite new development is that suddenly, Kenna LOVES her swing. Loves, loves, loves. She didn't like it at first, and would cry whenever we tried to put her in it. Now she really likes it, and as long as she has a full tummy and can see what's going on around her, she will sit and swing half the afternoon away! Finally, I feel like I can get something done during the day! She also will sleep in it, which... is... awesome. Now, when she wakes up at 7 a.m. and doesn't want to go back to sleep, the swing almost always does the trick, stealing me just a few more hours of morning sleep myself. We love this thing!
I've been taking lots of pictures of her swinging, because she looks so hilarious all passed out in it. Thank you again so much to the Creeches for this wonderful gift! We might just show up on your porch one day to hug you, we are so thankful for this swing!

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Alisa said...

Wow! I am so impressed with your juggling skills! You will have to give me advice on how to handle an active 2 year old and a baby. You make it sound so easy.... (: I think I can...I think I can....I think I can! (: I'm so happy to hear things are going so well for you. See you soon!