Friday, June 26, 2009

Seven Months Old!

Apparently, somebody told our tiny little baby girl that it was ok for her to start growing up because suddenly she is seven months old! Kenna is hitting some fun milestones now that I want to remember for her baby book. It is truly amazing how many major developments babies make in each of their first twelve months.

  • She is still a big talker and will babble all day... happily playing in her crib in the morning, squealing while she eats, telling little "stories," and especially when she's trying to keep herself awake at night!
  • Just when I was starting to worry that she should be able to sit up by now, she randomly started the other night! We were sitting with her on the couch, and realized she wasn't leaning on the cushions, but sitting up on her own! She definitely is still pretty wobbly and needs a little help (no sitting on hard surfaces yet!) but we are so excited for her.
Watching movies with Daddy- this when we first noticed it. She is always fascinated by the lights and colors of the tv.
I can do it on my own!
Still a little wobbly though. She thinks it's funny!
  • Every once in awhile she will really giggle hard. Usually it is at night when she should be going to bed! This girl is a night owl like her parents and gets in a little laughing fit when we're changing her diaper for bed.
  • She's starting to eat tiny bites of things like bananas, soft fruit, bread, and other soft foods like mashed potatoes. She also has figured out that we will give her little sips from the straw in our drinks, and LOVES sweet tea (of course!).
  • A big way she seems to feel like she's communicating is by patting us with her little hands. She does this all the time. When we're feeding her, when we're just hanging out, anytime she seems to want our attention or just to say I love you.
  • I had a great "mom" moment last Sunday. She had a hard time getting a nap in the nursery at church (service is right at morning nap time), and the poor ladies had to come get me because she was screaming. When Kenna saw me come in the room, she reached out for me and stopped crying the minute I took her. It makes you feel so good to know you can comfort your sweet little one! (And once I was holding her, it was the first time I had ever seen her really pout. She sat and pouted like she was mad I had left her there in the first place. Looked exactly like her Daddy.)
Our big girl!


Anonymous said...

she is so sweet I just love those pictures she cracks me up and so much fun I just love being with her last night she was talking to me and I said I don't understand and she just jabbered so much fun I just love my grandchildren what fun.

Tara said...

What a big girl! Love the pictures of her sitting on the bed, and your "Mom" moment is unforgetable! So cute!