Friday, July 10, 2009

4th of July and events of note

What a busy month this has been! Matt has been working through Greek 1 and Greek 2 over the past 6 weeks and to culminate his head exploding, we got go see some fireworks. Lindsey has been preparing for a craft show being held in Downtown Raleigh on the 11th. Kenna has learned to squawk and is infatuated with Pontouf. Pontouf is still unsure of this little girl though. Also, Lindsey's Dad and Jana have made several trips in the past few weeks, both together and separately, to bring the remains of the Dean estate to Raleigh as they prepare to embark on their new missions endeavor! It was amazing that they could be found underneath all of the boxes and we appreciated them making special trips up here to meet Emerson (our new niece) and to bring some of Lindsey and Jason's childhood toys and memories. We tried a group shot while we all were together.
This past Saturday was the 4th of July and after an invitation for a cookout from the Creeches, we were off to some fun and fireworks in Wendell. The Creech family practically adopted Matt in middle school and have claimed Lindsey and Kenna as part of their clan as well. It's always fun to spend time with godly friends and blow up fireworks (regardless of whether or not the day falls on a national holiday). I didn't end up with that many photographs of the food (hamburgers, hot dogs, chocolate chip cookies made by Emma, baked beans, salsa and chips, pasta salad, etc.) or unfortunately the people, but here's a few!
Happy (Belated) 4th of July!!!

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