Saturday, July 25, 2009

Topsail Beach Trip

A few weeks after that, Matt and I went to Topsail beach for a few days for our "official" summer vacation! Our first day included a trip to the grocery store where Kenna tried out the seat of the shopping cart for the first time:
The first evening we went out on the beach together was windy and miserable... Kenna would get sand in her eyes and then try to rub them. We only lasted a few minutes before having to go back in. On day two, it rained, so we drove to the Aquarium in Fort Fisher and had a great time! Kenna camped out in the peanut shell and ate lunch, watched the fish swim, and took a nap all while snuggled next to me. Matt had fun taking lots of pictures of the albino alligator, jelly fish, seahorses, and all the other super colorful and photogenic fish. (the rest of the pictures are here)
I don't know if it was more fun to watch all the fish or all the people (Kenna loves to people-watch)! Apparently the aquarium is a popular place on rainy, muggy days at the beach. It was a fun little drive together- we had iced coffees on the way there and an ice cream cone on the way home. When we got home late that afternoon, it was perfect weather for a not-so-hot walk on the beach, and we took Pontouf out with us.
The next day the rain had packed the sand down and it was a gorgeous, breezy day instead of windy- the perfect day for Kenna! She did much better in that kind of weather. Matt and I sat next to her on a bodyboard down near the shore. She had a blast with her little toy cups, scooping up the water and smacking them together. She loved it when the waves came up around her, and we got to spend a great afternoon together all out on the beach! That evening, we went out for a seafood dinner (of course!). Kenna was babbling really loudly- it doesn't sound like a big deal here, but the restaurant was fairly small and quiet-ish and people kept looking over and laughing at her. We missed the really loud part, but here is a cute little video of her:

After dinner we explored a little beach arcade that had putt-putt, games, ice cream, and lots of twinkly lights hanging from the ceiling! Matt and I rocked the basketball game and skee ball and then gave our tickets away to another family there with little kids.
Kenna had her first real taste of ice cream, and (surprise, surprise) she loved it! She was so entertaining, we took some videos and photos.

We also spent some time napping, watching movies, and just sitting and listening to the waves. It was such a relaxing and good time!
Beautiful beach!

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