Saturday, August 29, 2009

It's Already Here!

Our little red wagon is already here! The UPS man dropped it off yesterday, so this evening we opened up the box! Kenna and Matt got to work right away, with lots of very satisfying hammer banging.
Kenna made sure Daddy was properly supervised, and helped him out with the hard parts:
All done... ta da!
We took a practice roll through the dining room... I'm pretty sure the squealing means she loves it.
Practicing her princess wave already!

Some other fun things we've been up to recently... last weekend we drove out to Cary for Lazy Days, an annual street festival/craft show that we went to last year and had a blast! Even though it was raining off and on, we had a good day strolling through all the vendors. Kenna liked watching all the people go by, and even liked the rain dripping on her toes from beneath the stroller shade.
The bakery that made our wedding cake (almost 5 years ago!) is right on the street where the festival is held. The last time we went, we stopped in for a bathroom and to get an air-conditioned break from the heat. This year, we stopped in to escape the rain! It was really fun to have Kenna with us, and we all indulged in one of their absolutely delicious cupakes. If you need a special occasion cake, we highly recommend Blue Moon Bakery!
This week, she also had her first taste of goldfish crackers (one of Mommy's favorite snacks)...
... and had a blast bathing in the kitchen sink!


Tara said...

We have that same red wagon and our kids love it!!! You will use it for years to come...

Alisa said...

Absolutely adorable!! I can see Evan and Kenna now "bumping up and down in their little red wagon" together! I guess they could caravan.... but it would be way more fun to ride together, wouldn't it? (: Jason and I have joked, "what parent would actually strap their child in a wagon??" Now we now.... the Broglis. (: (Kidding! Obviously we weren't thinking about babies in wagons.)