Monday, April 12, 2010

3 Little Monkeys

For the past couple of weeks I've been keeping our niece and nephew two days a week while their parents work. It's been a fun challenge to experience what life with three would look like, especially since the little two are only two months apart! That has actually worked out well since they have very similar schedules, they get hungry and tired at the same time and play really well together.

When Ansley was out of school, we loaded the little ones up into the double stroller and went for a walk in the neighborhood since the weather was so nice (this was before the pollen took over completely!) Ansley was a big help and wanted to "drive" the stroller, even though we didn't realize until we were halfway down the street that the tire was flat!
The little ones loved it too, despite the occasional lost shoe and the temptation to stick their fingers in the wheels.Kenna and Beck are at such a sweet and wild little age. Everything is so dramatic, whether happy or sad. It's totally normal for them to be arguing over a toy one minute and hugging each other until they fall over the next. For the most part they play really well and are always cracking each other up. For every time when one is crying because the other is getting fed first or whatever the case may be, there's also a moment like this when they are SO cute together:
What a blessing to have cousins that are so close in age and such good friends on both sides of our family!

Funny story I forgot to originally add: the other day when they were playing in Beckley's room, I had to laugh at the classic differences between boys and girls... Beckley was running around somehow throwing a ball and somersaulting at the same time, while Kenna calmly sat and tried on all of his shoes. Classic, I tell you.

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