Monday, August 2, 2010

So Excited!

Our family is super happy to say that we are expecting our second baby! It feels crazy to even write that... I can't believe Kenna is already big enough to be becoming a big sister and we're about to do the newborn thing all over again!
We went to the OB last week, and everything is looking great! Our official due date is March 4th and we're looking forward to finding out the gender as soon as possible! We got to see our little squirt on ultrasound and hear it's precious little heartbeat. I've got to say that is one sound that never gets any less amazing!

My first trimester symptoms have been:

-a generally nauseous feeling most of the day, especially if I get too hungry or too full (wondering if this means it's a boy, because I was never sick with Kenna!)

-very emotional mood swings... tearing up over silly little things like radio commercials, and silly little things setting off my temper!

-super hungry with lots of cravings! Perfect example- a few weeks ago we got Chinese food and the only thing that sounded good was crab rangoon, and it was the best crab rangoon EVER. Also craving pasta and potatoes like I did with Kenna- any comfort food to calm the queasies.

-I've been uncharacteristically sleepy. Not just tired, but can't keep your eyes open sleepy! Pretty much anytime Kenna takes a nap, I lay down for a few minutes too. Matt has been super helpful in this area- putting dinner on the grill while I sleep for a little bit and things like that.

Basically, my pregnancy symptoms resemble the 7 Dwarfs... Hungry, Queasy, Cranky, Clumsy, Crampy, and Sleepy... that's 6... and Weepy.

But so far, we are all healthy and happy and thankful for this immense blessing from the Lord... all 4 of us!


leah said...

congratulations you two!! How exciting!

Tara said...

Congratulations! Love your "pregnancy symptom dwarfs"! You made me smile this morning with your creativity!

Brian, Mandy, Kate and Thomas said...

Yay! Happy new baby growing! We are so excited for you! guys! Love and miss you!

Chris said...

Congratulations!! I am so happy and excited for you.