Thursday, July 29, 2010

Family Wedding!

The last weekend in June, Kenna and I got the chance to go to my cousin's wedding in South Carolina! Unfortunately, Matt had to stay home and work, but that meant we got to take a little road trip with my brother, sister-in-law, and their kids! I didn't get very many good pictures, but here are a few to remember the weekend by. It was a beautiful wedding, and a great chance to see long-distance relatives who we don't get to see often and most of whom had never met Kenna and the little cousins.

We arrived just in time for the rehearsal dinner, where the kids got busy playing in the mud and throwing rocks into the creek... how is it kids always know where to find mud? Luckily, there were lots of extra adults eager to supervise!
The wedding was in a beautiful chapel on Furman University's campus in SC.
I almost deleted this picture of Jordan coming down the aisle, but then thought... looking back... that's how a wedding feels. A day you plan for and wait for for so long, and then it's gone in a blur!
The happy couple's first dance... congratulations Nathan and Jordan!
Our fellow road-trippers who were gracious enough to make room for us in their van... Uncle Jason, Aunt Alisa, Evan and Emerson!
Kenna chowing down on the delicious reception food- she had just eaten a strawberry down to the stem!
My mom's cousin Paul got this great picture of Grannie and I watching the little ones dance at the reception... I hope someone got a picture of them because it was completely adorable. It was SO good to see Grannie and get to spend some time together! We all ate breakfast together both days, and it was such a treat. Kenna and I also stayed in the same hotel room with her and after Kenna decided to stay up all night after not napping all day (!!!) she was wonderful to sit and rock with her some in the early morning hours so that I could get an hour or two of sleep. We love our Grannie!
Overall, the kids did really well in the car, but I won't say we weren't super happy when they all conked out on the way home:
The night before we left, we had a big family dinner at Cracker Barrel (per family tradition!) Jason, Alisa & I sat with our extended cousins that we rarely get to see. It's so funny now that at the "kids' table" we are all married and there are 3 kids in the next generation! We took a big group picture outside the restaurant:
What a fun time with a growing family!

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