Monday, July 5, 2010

Happy 4th of July!

We had a great, full 4th of July weekend this year. It was the first year that Kenna could really interact and know what was going on with the fireworks especially. We stayed in town and had a really great laid back couple of days at home.

On Saturday, we had ate barbecue on our back porch and then headed out to see the fireworks!
Star spangled underpants!

More barbecue please!

It's always a long, slow wait in the summer for it to get dark enough for the fireworks. We sat on a hill with lots of other families with very antsy kids, and waited and waited and waited.
We called Granddaddy and Nana B. to tell them we were excited!

We even tried to take a family picture... this is what happened when we told Kenna to look at the camera.
Just when we were ready to pack up our really tired wee one and take her home, the fireworks started! Kenna was completely amazed!
Check out that excited face!

I love this picture of Matt and Kenna- we lived near D.C. when I was little, and my family would go see the fireworks on the lawn of the Capitol. We have lots of pictures of me sitting on my Daddy's shoulders like this. Love it that we have one of our baby now, and are starting new traditions!

On Sunday, after Matt taught Sunday school, we went to his parents' house for a delicious lunch of homemade ribs and veggies fresh from Granddaddy's garden... squash, tomatoes, cucumbers, and green peppers!
We made one more attempt at the family picture, but it's so hard with a squirmy toddler!

Today it was so hot that we took our popsicles straight to the pool and hung out there most of the day. Ironically, they must have added water to the pool because the water was freezing cold! I thought Kenna's little swimsuit was just perfect for the 4th of July... rumor has it that it was mine when I was little.
What a great weekend... happy 4th of July!


Tara said...

Happy 4th to you! What a beautiful cake!!!

Mary Lindsey said...

what a fun 4th yall had! love the swim suit for Kenna.. I had one that I tried to put on Harps, but since I was born in October & she was born in February, she didn't fit in it when it was summer... oh well :-)