Sunday, July 18, 2010

New Words... exciting stage!

Kenna has come into some new words these past few weeks, and my memory being what it is, I wanted to record them here before I forget what they are. It is still surprising and hilarious anytime she imitates what we say and it is actually recognizable!

Her new words are:

which she only says when she is holding some sort of bible! Amazing to us because we have no idea how she knows the difference between a Bible and any other book yet.

-All gone
said with her arms out wide the same way we do.

-clean up
which sounds more like bleen lup and is adorable.

usually said when we put her in the car seat.

always said in exclamation

said in the classic little rascals otay, and surely the result of me responding to her constant oh nos with it's ok!

-no no
which really is new, and said very emphatically!

which sounds like opfh and is used interchangably for 'off' and 'on' which is confusing sometimes.

And she is starting to understand the power of sentences, which is lots of fun... especially "I poop." Typically from her crib we hear:

"maMA! maMA! uh oh. uh oh"

"what's uh oh Kenna?"

"I poop."

"did you poop? or pee pee?"

"Yep. I poop."

and upon inspection, we find her holding out a poopy little finger, which she has stuck inside her diaper to determine that it is, in fact, poop. Thank you, Kenna. Needless to say, we come running to find out what "uh oh" is.

I guess it is truly time to start potty training! All tips, suggestions, and success stories are welcome here!
(Obviously we will start by opening the lid- hah! And she climbs up like this all by herself!)


Chris said...

Lindsey, It is hard to believe she is already old enough for potty training. Where does the time go? She is so precious and seems to be full of personality. Hope all is well.

Miriam said...

She is edible Lindsey, sadly I have no potty training advice because Grayson is not interested AT ALL. So you might be giving advice to me on this one!
Love you and your sweet little family.