Monday, July 12, 2010

Bathing Beauty

We've been at the pool quite a bit during these past 2 weeks or so of 100ish degree weather. I can't get enough of my big girl in her swim suits. She's had a blast splashing in anything she can find (including our neighbor's flower-watering water) and likes to help me water our plants on the porch. Some days I just give her her own little bucket of water on the porch to play in.

She looks so big to me these days, especially walking around in her little swim suits.

classic Kenna face.

She loves walking up to the pool in her little crocs. She thinks she is so big, and is starting to look the part. She's gotten so tall that even 2T and 3T bathing suits are just barely long enough (unfortunately, soon she'll have to look for long torso bathing suits like her momma!).

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