Friday, October 8, 2010


Kenna LOVES water. If there is water somewhere, she is sure to not only find it, but strip everything off and jump in (this includes rain, even if only a sprinkle!).

During a really warm rainy day a couple of weeks ago, I had a very antsy toddler on my hands. So I filled up a rubbermaid container with water on the porch, added some dish soap for bubbles, and put all kinds of "scooping" toys in it (bucket, shovel, large spoon). Next thing I knew she had stripped off her diaper and gotten in it like a little bathtub. I had to take a picture because of how perfectly she fit!
It makes me sad to think that she won't fit in it like this next year when it is warm enough to do this again, but happy to think there will be two babies splashing around together next summer! The major upside was that the dish soap was slightly apple scented and Kenna and the entire porch smelled awesome when she got out! (ps- I have also seen this done with a bag of sandbox sand instead of water to make a little tiny sandbox! You can just snap the rubbermaid lid on and protect it for next time.)

We have never bathed Kenna and the dog together like this before because we weren't sure if the dog (or Kenna for that matter) would go a little crazy with unexpected bathtime company. But when Matt and I were both home to supervise and Kenna and Pontouf both needed a bath, we thought sure why not. Kenna thought it was awesome to get to dump water on someone besides herself, and Pontouf just sat and looked demoralized as she always does in the bath:
Poor Pontouf has been demoted from "practice baby" to "dog." And there again, when there are two babies I doubt we'll let the dog join in!

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