Thursday, October 7, 2010

Welcome, Fall!

October has a knack for always being a really busy month for us... it starts with our anniversary and seems to slide right through to New Year's before we know it! This year is no exception, and maybe even more so than the past few years!

The first weekend in October we celebrated our 6th wedding anniversary! We tried to think of something more original than dinner & a movie, but after about 5 minutes of discussion, we decided a baby-free meal and a chance to just chat with each other and then go out and do something we rarely do anymore sounded more than just fine! Matt's parents graciously offered to keep Kenna even though they were already keeping Beckley, which was great because she was happy as a clam playing with grandparents and a cousin! (Thanks Nana B & Granddaddy!)

We went to Outback since we hadn't been there in forever, and I was craving both a bloomin' onion and their baked potato soup. It never disappoints! We almost didn't know what to do with ourselves, having an uninterrupted conversation! After that we headed to see a new Ben Affleck movie called "the Town" about a town in Boston that produces a family legacy of bank robbers... terrible language, but a very interesting story and awesomely acted! One of my favorite things about Matt is sitting and discussing a movie after we've seen it- in fact, we've been known (before kids, of course) to finish one movie in the theater and then turn right back around & go in for a second one! We love movies around here. This one especially had a very good story with a very conflicted main character who wants to be redeemed from the evil he has done, but doesn't know how to get out of it. If you can kind of "tune out" the language, I thought it was a really great story.

Here is the only picture we got of us on our anniversary:
This weekend we are heading to Boone for a friend's wedding- Matt is actually performing the wedding and I'm so excited for him! We love going to the mountains in the fall and seeing the leaves change. We're hoping to have a little window of downtime to find some mountain apples or maybe take Kenna for her first out-of-utero trip to Mast General Store. Here are some pictures of our trip 2 years ago right before Kenna was born:
8 months pregnant with Kenna!
Beautiful fall colors!
Can you imagine a 2 year old seeing all these candy barrels? Heaven!

When we get back into town, first thing Monday morning we have our 2nd trimester ultrasound where we should hopefully be able to find out baby B's gender! I'm so ready to start planning and decorating!

I am so excited that the leaves are changing and some fall weather is here. Kenna and I have been putting up fall decorations around the house, and I have been craving pumpkin everything under the sun! This is my absolute favorite time of year. Also when we get back from the mountains, we plan to go back to Hillridge Farms to pick a pumpkin... yay! This is a really fun place to go with kids that we have made one of our fall family traditions. This too, I think will be more fun now that Kenna is a little older to enjoy. Here we were last year among all the orange pumpkins:
I'm hoping we'll be able to go to the NC State Fair again this year (another fun tradition- maybe on canned good day!) and our church has a wonderful Fall Festival that is always a great time! Then we will blink an eye and it will be mid-November... my Dad is coming to town, we are going to Florida to see my grandparents, then coming home quick in time for Kenna's birthday, Thanksgiving, and then my birthday... then it will be December already, more family in town, Sunday school parties, putting up a tree, and hopefully some cookie exchanges, and then Christmas! Whew! See what I mean?

For now, Happy Fall! Go get yourself something pumpkin to eat!


leah said...

Happy Fall to you too! It's homecoming weekend in Boone so we are heading up there too, it's going to be beautiful for sure!!

Can't wait to find out the gender!

Matt and Lindsey said...

thanks leah! maybe we will run into you, how fun would that be? :)