Sunday, October 19, 2008

Up to the Mountains

Matt has been wanting to drive up to the mountains to take pictures of the changing leaves for weeks now. Like me and the beach, the mountains are the place that rejuvenate him, and if he hasn't been at a higher elevation for awhile, he misses it. We were worried that if we waited too much longer, there would be a real cold snap and the fall colors would be gone (or the baby would come early!). Saturday we drove through Boone and Valle Crucis, NC along part of the Blue Ridge Highway to take some pictures and breathe some cold, fresh mountain air.
We stopped at Mast General Store in Valle Crucis where we didn't realize a county fair was going on! Basically all it meant was that the store was packed out and there was a kettle corn vendor across the street that smelled fabulous. The General Store is famous for their barrels of candy that you can buy by the pound... if you want to know what about 25 bucks of candy looks like, stop by our house!
There was a beautiful church across the street, and an army of pumpkins on the back porch from local growers.
Along the way, we found our dream house tucked between the folds of the mountain. It's rare that Matt and I immediately agree 100% on something, but we did on this one... we laughed even harder when we saw the 'for sale' sign out front!
We didn't stop to ask, but I'm sure it's likely that the horses and working barn come included!
The Blue Ridge Parkway was where we actually stopped to take the pictures. It was so cold and windy, but it still felt good to stretch the legs after all that driving. We found lots of gorgeous fall colors and a couple of cool places to play...
And of course, not mentioning any names, but one of us slept the whole way home... what a great fall day!

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Creech Family said...

I know it was beautiful up there (do you hear me sigh jealously??!!). It was so good to see you guys Friday - Matt got me on the Fire Ball before we got too soaked; I'm sure some of the teens wondered what the old woman was doing on there but I did think it was awesome! Thanks for letting us share your time together there. BTW, we made a second trip to Charlie Barefoots before we left (and stopped by the Hobby Bldg to get fudge to bring home). Hope you got more goodies than just a pickle before you left! Hope to see you soon -
"Mrs C"