Thursday, October 30, 2008

Exciting Baby News!

This past week we had even more exciting baby-related news of several kinds! First off, a huge congratulations to our friends Beth Anne and Doug who told us on Wednesday that they are expecting their first baby as well! It seems a little belly love is in order from this mom-to-be to a new mom-to-be! I am so happy and excited for them... Beth Anne and I have grown up together since sophomore year of high school and now we will have wee ones about 7 months apart! It's funny that we used to commiserate together that it felt like it would never be our "turn" to have babies for a good long while. And now my ready-to-pop belly is sending love to her just-starting-out belly:
Congratulations to you both, you will be such great parents (Beth Anne, you will be the most organized mom the world has ever seen!) and your baby has no chance of being anything less than beautiful and adorable!

Our exciting news is that as of our OB appointment on Tuesday, the baby is officially
  1. head down
  2. approximately 6 pounds
  3. and dilated 1 centimeter!
One down... nine to go! We have appointments every week at this point, so we will be able to find out often if we are making any more progress... and she is officially out of the premature range, so she can come anytime she wants! We can't wait!


Creech Family said...

Wow! It will be here before you know it! I'm gonna jog over to beth Anne's blog now and give her a big Congrats from us - that is too sweet that you both have babies so close!
"Mrs C"

Alisa said...

Woo Hoo! Maybe we'll have an early baby?!! If you luck out with no morning sickness AND an early baby, you will have preggers all over the world mad at you! (: Way to go!

Beth Anne said...

You are the sweetest friend God has ever given me :) YAAAAAAAAAAY!!!! I cannot believe our babes will be so close in age -- you're right, it seems like yesterday we were both practically in tears that we would NEVER be mom's, and here we are.

Anonymous said...

Oh my looks really good sounds as though you had a great time and lots of fun and I will say you are very creative in your costumes
I am thrilled about Beth Anne you will be having 2 great babies together when I was pregnant with my 1st my best friend was pregnant it was great we are thrilled for you both. we are excited and anxious waiting for our new little one.
we love you
mom and dad