Thursday, October 2, 2008

Four Years Today!

Today Matt and I celebrated four happy years of marriage! I think this past year in many ways has been one that has given us the most opportunity to learn and grow together, as it has been full of changes, some good and some not so good. It's hard to believe how fast it's gone... together this year we have survived the death of a parent, finding out we are going to become parents, searching for and finding a new job, selling a house, buying a house, moving to a new town, and by the end of the year the birth of our first child. God has blessed us through all these circumstances by giving us each other as best friends to hold hands through it all.

We decided to take advantage of our last anniversary that we won't need a babysitter yet by making a full day of it! We slept in ridiculously late and drove into Greensboro for "breakfast" at IHOP (aka breakfast food but it was really more like lunch time) and a double feature of two movies in a row at the theater (Matt picked one movie and I picked the other). I wanted photographic proof that three people celebrated this anniversary, so we asked the poor innocent teenagers working the soda/popcorn counter to take our picture:
After we finished the movies, we splurged for dinner at one of our favorite restaurants, Macaroni Grill! We both got our usual favorite pasta dish, and wrote silly love messages back and forth on the paper table cloths with the crayons provided (I admit this is one of the reasons it's my favorite restaurant!):
(You can tell one of us was reading this upside down, and we were both writing upside down to each other).

We got our completely delicious cheesecake to go because we were so full, managed not to get lost on the way home, and ate dessert in our pjs while watching, yes, yet another movie. Then Matt decided that the new swing we were given for the baby needed to be put together tonight:
We both got a little excited thinking of all the many toys this Daddy will be putting together in the next several years! The swing was a gift from our good friends the Creech family, who always amaze us with their generosity! About half an hour later (about 1:15 am) the swing was complete!
Now all we need is for our wee one to arrive (8 weeks and counting!) Insert baby here!

Happy Anniversary, my love, and here's to 104 years together, wherever the Lord may lead us!


Alisa said...

You guys are SO CUTE! I guess Greensboro is no trip to France, and yet, somehow, I imagine this one ranks right on up there! I can't wait to see how you celebrate NEXT YEAR. (:

Anonymous said...

Lindsey and Matt
you are so adorable with the furniture brings back memories
we are so excited about the new grandbaby and we can't wait to spoil her she will be beautiful just like you are.
we are so proud of you.4 years has gone by fast.
Happy Anniversary