Saturday, October 18, 2008

The State Fair

This weekend, Matt and I took some time together after the stresses of the past couple weeks to do something fun together, just for fun! We had decided not to go to the NC State Fair this year because of expenses, but some extra blessings we hadn't counted on made it possible! We usually go every year and it had become a bit of a tradition for us, so I was really happy we were able to go again this year. We got on the road to Raleigh a bit later than we had planned, but met up with our friends, the Creech family, just after lunch. The Matts picked the scariest ride they could find but unfortunately, didn't get to ride because of an overly picky carnie worker (with no explanation he said it "wasn't safe" for them).
It was chilly and drizzled light rain nonstop, but even cold rain can't dampen the fun of the fair! We ate polish sausages (well, Matt did) and funnel cakes almost to our hearts' content... we mostly just walked and ate this year though, since I couldn't ride any rides, and Matt was sweet enough to keep me company. We also had to get a giant pickle, which is also tradition. Shockingly enough however, I couldn't finish it (usually I eat two and have to talk myself out of a third. I blame it on the baby).
And yes, Matt won me and K a giant Hello Kitty.

Raleigh is still a bit of a drive for just a day trip, but we're glad that it is close enough to not miss out on things like this! I would have missed the fair if we hadn't gone!

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Anonymous said...

looks like you were having fun enjoy never know about life as you have witness I am so excited it is getting closer for our new one
we are so excited to see her
we love you with all our hearts
much love