Thursday, March 17, 2011

Big Sister Antics

Being a big sister is a very busy job. There's lots of things to be done as a "big helper" like getting Mommy a diaper, throwing things away, and picking out baby brother's shirts and jammies. Kenna's favorite part is "hold you baby."
Occasionally though, Mommy and Daddy are a little too distracted and you have to get a little creative to get their full attention. For example, putting on a puppet show instead of taking your nap:
And painting your face with Mommy's make-up... waterproof mascara:
Kenna appropriately pronounces it "mess-cara." Matt had to wash her off with dish soap to get it all, and she reminded me of the dish soap commercials where they wash the oil spills off the little ducks.
Little stinker!

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Tara said...

Oh what a cutie! So glad that you snapped these pictures to show her later in life :)