Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Finn's First Bath

We gave Finn his first real bath the other morning before Matt had to leave for work! We used the kitchen sink because it has more countertop space than the bathrooms and the most sunny lighting with all the windows!

Ready to get soapy:
The sink is pretty deep, and he looked hilarious all shlumped over on the big baby sponge, with his grumpy old man face, of course. I love his "grumpy gus" look and think it's absolutely adorable (love the fat belly too!):
He seemed to like it at first, especially the warm water... until I washed his face and he lost it. Like most babies he was not much of a fan from that point on!
Kenna wanted to be involved so badly and was a big help! We may need waterproof walls when he's big enough for them to have tubby time together- I see lots of big splashing and silliness in their future!
(She's pointing to the bottle brush- that's what she wanted to wash him with!)

It's not that bad, right buddy?
All done!

Hmmm... reminds me just a little of this (from Kenna's first bath):

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Creech Family said...

Oh my - he is tooooo precious!! You have the two cutest non-Creech children in the world ;) !!