Wednesday, April 13, 2011


After living over 2 years so far with little Miss Personality and getting to see her blossom into the little person that she is, it's no surprise that Finn is all sugar and spice of his own. We love seeing a little more of his tiny personality each day- both in ways similar to Kenna and different. Here are some his fun personality traits we've noticed so far:

-He loves to be in the middle of the action- he doesn't like to lay down, but much prefers to be sitting up in the bumbo chair or up over our shoulders watching the world go by.
-He loves to snuggle and is SUCH a people person already. He loves to be held and talked to, and responds with sweet little nuzzles to our faces. Kenna is over the moon when he mouthes little kisses on her cheek when she kisses him night-night.

-He is super laid back, but has a big temper when he's hungry. He holds his head up really well and will stand on my lap or try to climb his little feet up my belly when he's really hungry! I think Matt will have his rock climbing buddy sooner rather than later.

-It really is uncanny how incredibly much Finn looks like his Daddy. I have joked that we didn't have a baby, we just cloned Matt! It's hard to really capture it in a photo, but in person I'm just astounded by it. He is such a Brogli boy! I've only had one or two people tell me he looks like me, and not until this week which just goes to show you how they change a little each day at this age!
It's funny how such a new little person can so instantly become part of your family. So much of taking care of him reminds me of when Kenna was a baby. He is such a treasure (both kiddos are!) even when having two is a little stressful. He's our big little guy and we are loving watching him grow!

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Tara said...

Samuel has that same "Big Guy" outfit. Too cute!

I think he looks just like Kenna! You have 2 cuties for sure!