Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Family Outings.

These are some older photos from when Finn was just a few days old. We went out to our local Goodberry's for a little treat! It was a little chilly for ice cream, but only because the sun had started going down... with hints of spring in the air.

Kenna alternated between running circles around the water fountain & eating all of her Daddy's vanilla with strawberries and blackberries instead of the chocolate with strawberries that we thought she'd love.
Well, then she ate that too. This girl can put away some ice cream!
Her own ice cream. Such a big, big girl.
Still high on the sweet sounds of new life in our home (and not yet showing the signs of going on 2 months of sleep deprivation on our faces!)- Mommy and Finn asked Daddy to take pictures since bringing her camera was one more thing she forgot to remember.
It felt like the first real family outing, just grabbing a bit of good ice cream after dinner. All four of us!

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