Thursday, April 14, 2011

Finn at One Month Old

I was about to take a quick 1 month photo of Finn the other day (hah... 2 weeks ago!) when Matt encouraged me to use the "big" camera and get some good ones. I'm hesitant to pull the big one out with the good lenses because i get all perfectionist and it takes me forever, but I'm always glad I did!

Here are the ones I took of his first few weeks:
And here are my favorites of the 1 month ones I took with the good camera:
This one won out for his baby announcement:
And here is Kenna near the same age- at 2 weeks old. I think they look so much alike!
Of course, I'm getting all these pictures soreted just in time to realize that my baby is already 6 weeks old! I've heard the second one grows up more quickly, and I definitely think it's true. He looks less like a newborn and more like a baby every day.

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Jenn & David said...

wow, he is changing so much! He looks just like his daddy. Praying that you all are doing great.