Monday, August 29, 2011

4 and 5 Months!

Once again, I'm a little slow on the uptake with recording Finn's development here on the blog. (Poor little neglected second child). Honestly, he's growing so quickly that I can hardly keep up before we're on to the next stage, and I'm in such a fog most days that I'm worried I'll forget it all if I don't get it all down.
Since his birthday was March 1st, it's nice and easy to remember these early monthly "birthdays" -he turned 4 months old on July 1st and 5 months old on August 1st. We say often what a sweet-natured little thing he is... very snuggly, quick to smile, and very laidback as long as he's fed and changed! Such a happy boy!
4 Months:

-Although most people joke about not having to change s boy's diapers as much as a girl's, we've noticed that he fusses like clockwork when he's got a dirty diaper. He also has a definite "fussy time" around 11 or noon where he will just totally lose it until he's held, fed, and sleeping. It can be frustrating when we're trying to get out the door around lunchtime, but I'm just thankful it's at noon instead of midnight!
-He's discovered his toes, and loves to grab them and roll back and forth. He also loves to gnaw on his fingers and sleeps with his arms up by his head. These are some of my absolute favorite baby things- such a sweet stage!
-He still sleeps pretty well in the swing, which is really nice (I can't remember when Kenna stopped) but it is not as much the no-fail sleep guarantee as it was when he was a newborn.
His morning nap usually coincides with errands, and I'm so thankful that he is happy in his carseat. He actually loves being in the car and it usually helps him drift off:

5 Months:

-It's fun to see him start interacting with his surroundings more- he's fascinated by our dog and still loves to watch whatever big sister's up to A lot of times she is the one who can really get him belly-laughing, like from bouncing a balloon on his carseat or saying silly things to him:

(And Kenna is equally enamored with her little brother. The first thing she says to everyone she meets is, "this is my Finn." Loves her baby!)

-He's still much more active than I remember Kenna being at this age. Lots of kicks, rolling over onto his belly, turning his entire body to look at things, and almost sitting up completely on his own! He much prefers to be standing up on our laps or in the exersaucer rather than laying down or leaning back.

-I'm still breastfeeding, which is a relief in some ways because this is about when I stopped with Kenna. It's a daily struggle to me, somedays feeling totally fine and the next he's super fussy or my supply seems low or I just get overwhelmed with it, so I'm taking it week by week. I'm thankful to have made it this far, but if it becomes unhealthy for either of us, we'll move on & not feel bad!

-It's fun to have a girl and a boy now and see some of the girl/boy differences... for example, I remember Kenna making all these sweet little oohs and squeaks as a baby. Finn comes out with these hilarious growls and shrieks. Especially in the evenings (typically around dinner time) he can get really loud like he's telling us about his day.
-He's starting to be able to grasp things better, holding onto toys, taking his paci in & out of his mouth by himself, chewing his bibs, etc. He loves to kick his little feet and kind-of punch his one little arm in particular. He also is discovering the power of his little grasp- such as the attention he gets when he accidentally pulls Kenna's hair or that the couch fabric makes noises when you scratch it. He has such a strong little grip!

It's amazing how fast our little boy is growing up big- and I have to hurry up and post this since he is turning 6 months old this week! Overall, such a happy and active little man. We love you, Finn!

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