Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Potty Training!

I used to kind-of laugh at folks that made a big deal about their kids' bodily functions on their blogs. But let me tell you, with 2 kids in diapers, it is a big deal. It takes up most of my day. And when they start learning to take care of things themselves? Even bigger deal.
Kenna has slowly started taking interest in going to the potty by herself:

20 months:
(Ok, obviously not really potty training here, but too stinkin' cute anyways)
28 months:
I had been apprehensive about potty training after Kenna had her first accident the very first time I ever tried her out in big girl undies, but Matt and I decided that with her 3rd birthday much too quickly approaching, we should just go for it. We found this article about training in 3 days or less, and it really seems to have worked so far! The only bummer is that you keep the child nude for those 3 days, so Kenna and I camped out for 4 days straight in the house with movies, snacks, and lots of juice and milk, and easy access to the potty.

33 months:
Well, she must have been ready, because she's had lots of successes and only one accident! (Ironically enough, right when we put on the big girl undies.) Maybe it was good to wait until she was a little bigger, because at this point she's tall enough that she can sit on a regular adult potty and fix her own undies without much help.
Here is our stash of salty snacks to encourage lots of drinking & pee peeing! We watched all her favorite movies (Curious George, Pollyanna, and Nanny McPhee) and did a big song and dance every time the pee pee went where it was supposed to go! After each successful attempt, she got to pick a special treat from the big treat bucket:
And after her first successful errrrm, number two... Matt took her to the store to pick out a really big special treat! She decided on this Vtech laptop and the movie Tangled. She was so proud of herself and is very excited to have her own "COM puter" like Mommy and Daddy's! Luckily, Daddy was in class all this week and was home early and able to be present for Kenna's big accomplishment. We are so proud of our big girl!
For me, two major milestones that really make me feel like a kiddo is growing up is stopping nursing and stopping wearing diapers... well, Finn had better not get any big ideas, because I've had just about as much of my babies getting big as I can handle this week!

Congratulations, big girl!

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Tara said...

Yay Kenna! You just gave your Mommy and Daddy a raise since they don't have to buy diapers for you anymore!!!