Thursday, January 12, 2012

Kenna at 3.

I have a huge ton of blog posts to catch up on, but in the past several weeks I'v been constantly saying that I need to write down the cute and funny things Kenna is saying at this stage.

Lots of her hilarity comes from ever so slightly mispronouncing something new or something that's a fairly big word for her. For example:

chipmunk = justamonk

Cinderella = sinnerbrella

scary witch = scary switch

And then some things are funny just because she is more able to express her little thoughts and they are so funny and sometime very random! Examples:

When showing Papa our monogrammed stockings:
"Look! We got feets with letters on them!"

Matt: "How many pieces of candy do you want, Kenna?"
Kenna: "Too many!"

Me to Finn: "No touch, Finn."

And then later, Kenna says to Finn:
"No, ma'am son!"

When she saw someone playing with a hula hoop:
"I want a polka dot to dance in it!"

She must think we're pretty strange at times because we ask her to say some things over and over just because they're so darn cute.

Funny story about Kenna:
Earlier in the summer she had a cute little pink polka dot piggy bank that she loved. She took it all around the house with her and had a ball putting all her coins in it, dumping them out, and then putting them all back in, over and over. One afternoon she was carrying it around like football, and it slid right out the back of her arm and broke into two big pieces. We tried to glue and fix it without much luck, so we had to say goodbye to the piggy. Well, it apparently scarred her for life because she would tell every stranger she met anywhere she went for MONTHS after that about her broken piggy (usually in answer to them asking what her name is). Well, finally we got her a new piggy bank to replace it and so, as we were putting all her coins back in, we started learning the names of the coins. She spent all afternoon putting her "corners, diamonds, necks, and pennies" into her sweet new little piggy- who according to Kenna is a "ballerina princess" because she has a little pink crown on. Stinkin' cute.

I wish these photos had turned out more clearly (from back in January) because they are just so her right now, these little faces and little attitudes- mostly sweet and silly and sometimes very, very sassy, testing those little boundaries and so independent! She is almost always dancing around playing dress-up and is always singing in that sweet little voice. Love this girls so much!
She's developed a super big dramatic pouty lip when she's concerned she might not get what she wants... didn't get a picture of that one, but it's also pretty funny.

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