Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Carols in February.

I've been a terrible mommy record keeper, leaving this little blog almost empty recently. Maybe when my kids look back to read these later, they'll see how supremely busy their little lives kept me just trying to get through the every day stuff! You know it's bad when even Matt the other day asked me if I was ever going to get the blog caught up. I do have tons to catch up on... all the way back to Kenna's birthday in November, our trip to Clearwater for Thanksgiving (which was also Finn's first Thanksgiving), Christmas, and probably more! Finn is about to turn one on March first (oh man!) so I'd better get on the ball quick with catching up hopefully before then. He's growing like a crazy little weed, and I don't want to forget his cute little quirks that change so quickly.
Until then, here's a little video of what a typical post-nap afternoon looks like for my two at these ages (Kenna, 3 and Finn, 11 months). Kenna is constantly singing something... making up words to songs she already knows or singing whatever she's thinking or doing at the moment. Finn is starting to learn that he can communicate in lots of ways- sweet little squalks get our attention, arching his back when he doesn't approve, and apparently singing along with his big sister.

Untitled from lindsey brogli on Vimeo.

It must be a daunting thing to learn all the Christmas carols at once when you're only three years old, so here are the two that Kenna learned this year. She is still singing them in February, and it always makes us smile. Her favorites are Joy to the World and Angel Song (as she calls it- It Came Upon a Midnight Clear.)

It makes a sweet little soundtrack for our days. "Come let us sing for joy, let us shout aloud to the rock of our savation" -Psalm 95:1

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