Friday, March 2, 2012

Our Long Valentine's Day/Week

Due to Matt having to work on Valentine's Day, we had to celebrate the holiday on the following weekend. In the week leading up to Valentine's Day, Mimi sent Kenna and Finn homemade muffins all the way from Orlando, Fl. How sweet is that?!

On Valentine's Day we exchanged cards and the kids found lots of sweet surprises and ate entirely too much candy. We even got to stop by Matt's Mom and Dad's office for some sweet Valentine's Day cuddles, candy and fun before heading to lunch at IHOP. Kenna saw her Nana and took off running for her across the office. It's so much fun to see her enjoy her grandparents so much!

IHOP was a huge hit for everyone since we all got to eat delicious pancakes and enjoy each other's company before Matt had to head to work.
Finn loves pancakes just as much as his sister and Kenna thought it was so cool to get all dolled up in pink and draw hearts on the papers with her Momma. She's such a sweet, girly girl.

Later that week, after Lindsey went to a baby shower at church on Sunday for some friends, we got the opportunity to go see The Miss Firecracker Contest at Raleigh Little Theatre for a date without the kids. Then we got to eat at Winston's Grill for dinner! It was nice to be able to leave the kids at home and be able to go out and eat a full meal focusing our full attention on each other. It was lovely, to say the least.

That wouldn't have been possible without the help of Matt's Mom and Dad watching the kids. When we came to pick them up, we found them quite content.

And the kids had a pretty good time too. :)

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